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Is it Time to Prioritize SEO Marketing?

Growth is stagnant – with no clear answers why.

Analyzing search trends is basic business intelligence. Failing to capitalize on your most valuable searches will stunt any growth trajectory.


Businesses with half your experience are outranking you.

7/10 online experiences start with a search engine. Companies prioritizing SEO will win every time, no matter how long they’ve been in business.


The cost of business is rising and you feel behind.

The business world evolves by the minute. SEO keeps you ahead of the curve – and in front of your customers’ eyes.

You deliver exceptional results to your clients
– it’s time your SEO marketing agency does the same.

What We Do


Help you become a leader in your field.


Improve rankability for your most valuable keywords.


Increase your web traffic AND boost on-page conversions.

Our SEO Marketing Specialties

Ranking Multiple Properties on Page One

Site Speed Optimization

On-Page Conversion Optimization

Keyword-Focused Content Writing

Google My Business (GMB/Map SEO)

Link Building

Technical SEO

On-Page SEO

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How We Do It



We’ll take a deep dive into your campaigns to pinpoint your strengths, challenges, and opportunities to build long-term value with SEO.



We’ll fine-tune your existing assets – and create new ones – to position your company as an industry leader.



Fortress measures the results of your SEO progress from month to month – keeping you in the loop on every development in your campaigns and the SEO world at large.

Why Companies Love Working with Fortress


We don’t try to do it all at Fortress – we don’t build websites, manage social media, or run PPC campaigns. We’re here to be the best at SEO, nothing else.

No Shortcuts

Cutting corners and making compromises never ends well in the SEO world. That's why we only use calculated, white hat tactics to earn sustainable results.

Crystal-Clear Pricing

We hate convoluted pricing as much as anyone else. When you work with us, there are no mysteries or gray areas in billing – no sneaky upcharges, hidden fees, or anything else.

Fast Responses

You shouldn’t have to wait days – or weeks – to get a response from your SEO team. We respond to all inquiries within 24-48 hours (or less).
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90-Day Guarantee

Results in 90 Days

No Long-Term Contracts

No Questions Asked

We don’t shy away from bold promises at Fortress. Our proven tactics guarantee to improve your organic rankings by 50% in the first 90 days of working with us.

All of our work is done on a month-to-month basis. You can work with us as long or as short as you want.

Our Goals in Every SEO Campaign


Position you as THE authority in your industry.


Double your business in six months.


Get you listed on the first page of Google for your most valuable searches.


Divert customers from your competitors to you

What Others Are Saying

We’ve never been big talkers at Fortress, we prefer to have our clients do it for us:


What Others Are Saying

We’ve never been big talkers at Fortress, we prefer to have our clients do it for us:

When I hired Gerrid to optimize my site, he not only clearly explained how he was going to get me on page 1, but achieved results faster than I could ever have imagined. I would absolutely recommend Gerrid to anyone looking for site optimization.