Reach more local customers. Use the power of Google to build local relationships.

A Google My Business profile, also known as a Local Business Profile,
is a powerful tool offered to business owners by Google to get found in your service areas.
Our GMB Map SEO services take advantage of proven techniques to rank higher
and get found more often by local customers seeking your products and services.

What is Google My Business?

Why Trust Our GMB Map SEO Services?

A GMB profile gives fast access to important information about your business. Local customers are already searching for your products and services – Our GMB Map SEO services help connect your business with people in your local area.

We can also manage your GMB profile updates, including special hours of operation, changes to business policies and additions to service offerings.

Our GMB Map SEO experts know how to leverage the power of search intent and keyword research to include the right services for different industries and verticals. Fortress SEO can handle the implementation of new service offerings for you too!

To improve the odds of being included in the map feature of GMB, your service area needs to be thoughtfully crafted. We work with you to identify target areas that get your business found by customers in the areas your company services.

Google loves rich media. In fact, the inclusion of photos and videos in your GMB profile can improve rank while giving customers more information. Our team can take care of uploading photo and video updates to support your branding efforts.

One of the biggest perks of GMB Map SEO services from Fortress SEO is that the benefits extend to your website as well. Because your business’ website is connected to your GMB profile, Google factors in profile activity, customer reviews and other elements to add trust and authority to your site.

Fortress Map SEO can also take care of review management for your GMB profile. Positive reviews can boost your profile, but spam and fake reviews can be a big problem. We help to identify spam reviews and can work with you to have them removed so they don’t harm your visibility on the web.

As part of our commitment to transparency, Fortress SEO also offers a regular report for ongoing GMB Map SEO services. We show you how many clicks your GMB profile has received and what keywords were used to find your business, but we can also see how many customer calls were made directly from your GMB profile.

The ability to answer questions before they’re asked offers potential customers confidence that your business understands their needs. We can help create a Q&A section on your GMB profile using optimized keywords to improve visibility and build trust in your business.

Google is continually updating its algorithms and policies, but you’re running your business – you don’t have time to worry about these things. Thankfully, SEO is all we do, and our experts track algorithm updates, GMB policy changes and more to keep your profile performing at its best.

Let’s Talk About Your GMB Map SEO

The Fortress

Approach to GMB Map SEO

We Target Local Customers

The biggest benefit of GMB Map SEO is the ability to target local people within your service area who are already searching for your products and services. This creates warm leads who are more likely to convert to customers.

White-Hat SEO Only

Our SEO company is tightly focused on maintaining the integrity of your brand. We only specialize in white-hat GMB Map SEO because we know that the key to getting ahead online is to do things the right way from the start.

We Look for Opportunities

In local markets, it can be difficult to differentiate your brand from the competition. We look for SEO opportunities to carve out a unique space for our clients while keeping brands in front of local customers.

Our Goal is to Promote Authority and Trust

Authority and trust are hugely important in business, so we place a strong emphasis on utilizing your GMB profile as a tool to promote these virtues in front of local customers seeking a brand they can count on.

Our Promise to Local Business Owners

Your business is uniquely your own, and your customers’ needs are unique as well. We work in your best interest to learn your needs and those of your customers to provide the best GMB SEO experience possible.

Everything we do in regard to GMB Map SEO is designed to form real connections with your customers. From updating your services to optimizing your NAP information, we want to make it easy for people to do business with your company.

We know that the world of GMB Map SEO can be complex. We simplify everything for you and explain all possible solutions to help you choose the ones that are right for your business and customers.

When you receive a quote from Fortress SEO, we stand behind it 100%. Our goal is to make it easy to work with our specialists, and we provide clear, honest pricing to make our client relationships that much stronger.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One of the great things about GMB profiles is that they can be used for service businesses. Although your company’s address, even a home office address, is used by your profile to determine certain aspects of your listing, you do not need to make your address public. Instead, your service area is displayed on Google Maps for customers to see.

We will be happy to work with you to file the required documentation to appeal penalties and blocks placed on GMB profiles.

Like with other SEO services, no company can guarantee a specific placement in search results; however, our time-tested and proven SEO techniques provide the best chance to get listed higher for relevant search terms in your local area.

We work on a case-by-case basis for businesses with similar names within a region. Semantics and phonetics come into play in these situations, but we will work with you to ensure your business is differentiated from any business with a similar-sounding name.

Another advantage of having an optimized GMB profile is that customers can call your business directly through your profile. This can be done right from your profile as it appears in search results, meaning you capture a potential customer’s attention while they’re already searching for your products and services. As an added benefit, the GMB service tracks phone calls made through your profile so we can analyze the data and see what is working and what can be improved.

Yes. In fact, we encourage the inclusion of rich media like photos and short videos as these are powerful tools for SEO and connecting with customers.