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How can we help grow your firm on search?

Why is Law Firm SEO So Difficult?

SEO for law firms is full of unique challenges - and a generalized approach won’t cut it.

Delicate Rules & Regulations

The Bar lays out a clear set of rules and regulations for law firm websites to follow. SEO strategies need to account for this to avoid hefty penalties.


Aggressive Competition

Every single attorney is ruthlessly fighting for the top spot on Google. There is no room for errors, guesswork, or haphazard tactics in law firm SEO services.


Proving Expertise

Your work directly impacts people’s well-being – and Google judges law firm websites harsher than any other industry. A winning lawyer SEO strategy takes time, dedication, and high-level content – with no shortcuts.

Our Law Firm SEO Service?

On-Page Law Firm SEO Services

The Fortress SEO team will analyze your website to fine-tune title tags, update content, improve structured data, and make sure everything follows SEO best practices.

Off-Page Law Firm SEO Services

We’ll refine your backlink profile, reviews, citations, and more to boost website credibility the right way.

Law Firm SEO Blogging

Google needs to see that you’re an expert – and blogging is the best way to do this. We work with specialized law firm SEO writers to present you as THE authority.

Website Copywriting

Our battle-tested law firm copywriters will craft your website around Google and the Bar’s guidelines – and give prospects everything they need to book a consultation.

Local SEO Services for Lawyers

We’re here to help you dominate your legal space in the local market – and get people in the door. This includes GMB optimization, local citations, and regional content.

Technical Law Firm SEO Services

Our analysts dive into the backend of your website and make all the adjustments to get properly indexed by Google.

Google My Business Optimization

Your GMB profile is the key to bringing in local clients. We’ll do everything in our power to put you in a position to take the top spot.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We’ll examine your landing pages down to the last detail and make proper tweaks to capture your best prospects.

Penalty Recovery

Fortress will get to the root of the penalty – and make adjustments to put you back on the right path.

Link Building

Our off-page SEO specialists will build a high-quality backlink profile to add meaningful authority to your website – and capture those top spots on Google.

Let’s Talk About Your Law Firm’s SEO

The Fortress Mindset in Law Firm SEO Services


Our first SEO frontier is your city or region. Once we conquer those local search rankings, we’ll scale up as needed.

Prioritize Content

All lucrative lawyer SEO services are built on quality content. We work with writers and strategists who specialize in<br /> legal content to showcase your expertise and appeal to potential clients.

Build Website Authority

SEO is all about adding authority and expertise to your online presence – and law firms face an uphill battle. We’ll make sure your SEO elements show Google (and clients) that you’re at the very top of your legal sector.

Avoid Penalties

All of our law firm SEO services are in line with Google’s high standards. When you work with us, you’ll never have to worry about losing your rankings.

Our Promise to Law Firms

White Hat SEO Practices, Always

Every SEO tactic we use will stand the test of time to stay on Google’s good side – no matter how the algorithms change.

Cohesive SEO Roadmap

Law firm SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. We plan out transparent, long-term strategies to get you placed on appropriate Google searches – and you’ll always know the next move.

Clear Pricing

There are no mysteries or gray areas in our law firm SEO pricing models. You pay an agreed-upon monthly rate, period.

Fast Responses

Our SEO specialists respond to all questions and inquiries within 24-48 hours or less.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do law firms need SEO?

Absolutely. People don’t use the yellow pages anymore to find legal services – they turn to Google. SEO is the long-term process of getting your website to show up on Google searches like “divorce lawyer in (YOUR CITY)”, “immigration attorney near me”, and so on.

SEO works to draw visitors to your website without having to rely on a paid advertising budget. Eventually, an SEO strategy can help you attract enough high-quality leads to be your primary marketing tactic – which will do wonders for your return on investment.

Should I prioritize SEO over Pay-Per-Click?

The cost per clicks in the legal space are very expensive. SEO is a long-game strategy and results usually take time.

If you’ve just started using law firm SEO services, you may consider using pay-per-click to generate leads in the short term until you start getting placed on Google searches. Once you have strong organic rankings, you can cut back your PPC budget (and save a fortune).

What do I do if my website got penalized?

Breathe. The fix may be easier than you think.

Step one is talking to an SEO agency that specializes in law firm SEO. They will be up to speed on Google’s algorithm changes – and will examine your website to find the cause of the penalty as well as the best remedy.

Why is local SEO important for law firms?

Most law firms serve a specific city or region. Unless you serve a nationwide clientele, building up strong organic rankings in your geographic area is going to be your primary objective in SEO.

This involves creating localized content, getting listed on local directories, managing your Google My Business account, and more. The goal is to be placed at the top of the search engine results when people search for attorneys in your area.

What are the biggest challenges in law firm SEO?

Law firms fall under the YMYL (Your Money Your Life) category. This means your services play a significant role in the well-being of your clients.

Google takes great responsibility for the law firm websites it places on searches – and it has to be abundantly clear you’re an expert attorney. To put it in perspective, if someone searches for an “estate attorney near me” and the top law firm on a Google search ends up scamming them, this looks very bad for Google.

Your biggest challenge is to prove to Google and prospective clients that you have Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EEAT). This is the primary objective of lawyer SEO services.

How much does law firm SEO cost?

There is no definitive answer to this. It’s recommended to invest at least 5% to 10% of your revenue into SEO. If you want to get ahead faster with a more hard-hitting approach, you would likely need to spend more.

When you talk to a law firm SEO agency, they will provide some options based on your goals.

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