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SEO Consulting

The solution to better website traffic isn’t always spelled out
in plain English – it usually requires a pro to diagnose the
problem and find an answer.

Let’s get your search rankings trending in the right direction.

Why Hire an SEO Consultant?

You Need More Web Traffic, But Lack SEO Know-How

Everyone wants more targeted website traffic – but getting there is a long, consistent process that calls for an expert’s touch. Without a full-rounded knowledge of SEO, reaching the promised land of high-converting web traffic will be an uphill battle.

Consultants Make Sure You Avoid Penalties

The rules of SEO are subject to constant change – and no one tells you if you’ve violated them. SEO consultants stay in tune with how search engines evolve and work diligently to make sure you’re following best practices.

They’ll Help Expand Your Customer Base

SEO is all about understanding how people find products and services online. Consultants get to the root of this and help you uncover new ways to reach buyers.

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Our SEO Consulting Services

SEO Audits

Our experts analyze your website and other online assets to understand what’s working well, where the blind spots are, and how to get your search presence in a better spot.

Keyword Research + Planning

We’ll find your most valuable keyword opportunities and develop an action plan to get your web content placed on relevant searches.

Competitor Analysis

The Fortress SEO consulting process involves learning what the best brands in your industry are doing well – and mapping out a strategy to beat them at their own game.

SEO Roadmapping

We’ll build out a complete SEO plan to get you on the path to earning the search rankings you deserve.

SEO Best Practice Implementation

If you’re lacking the bandwidth or expertise in-house to put an SEO roadmap in motion, we have the resources to set you up for success with a fully or partly managed plan.

Detailed Reporting

Reporting is a central component of our SEO consulting services. We track all progress data closely and present the facts in a clear, easy-to-understand way.
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Why Partner with Fortress for Consulting SEO Services


Decades of SEO Experience

We’ve been in the SEO game since 2008. Our team has seen Google evolve – and we know what winning tactics look like + how to make sure you get noticed.


Custom SEO Guidance Based on Research

We don’t use cookie-cutter, conventional tactics that every other SEO agency uses. We started Fortress to challenge “the norm” and help agencies reach new heights.


Partnership Approach

When you partner with Fortress SEO consulting services, we operate like your own in-house marketing team. This means highly calculated approaches and 100% transparency.


Fully-Loaded SEO Resources

Fortress is a full-service SEO agency. Whether you need some general guidance, help on a big project, or complete SEO management, we’ve got you covered.

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