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Our Secret Sauce

We didn’t launch Fortress to maintain the status quo in SEO.
We’re here to push the boundaries of SEO and create
new status quos for businesses.

What SEO Means to Us

The Right People

An SEO agency is only as good as the people within it. At Fortress, we don’t hire newbies or “invest in potential”. We only work with bona fide SEO experts with 5+ years of experience – and a track record of strong results.

The Right Partnerships

Fortress is not the perfect SEO agency for every business – and we’re ok with that. Brands need to apply to work with us. We take SEO very seriously – and we need to be 110% sure the relationship will be mutually beneficial.

A Monopolistic Approach

Our goal isn’t to help you rank for a few low-end keywords. We work every day for you to dominate your industry. This means making ALL your web properties rank on Google – not just your website.

Explode Out of the Gate

We waste zero time getting your search presence trending in the right direction. Our goal is for you to see profitable results on search in as little as 30 days.

Calculated Innovation

The Fortress team has been in the SEO world for nearly two decades. We know which tactics stand the test of time – and how today’s trends implicate tomorrow’s policies. We’re a firm that relies on what works, and we have no fear of pushing the envelope to create new tactics.

Track - Optimize - Track - Optimize Some More - Repeat

All plans, actions, and reactions are tracked on a granular level. We use performance data from each move to influence the next – and make sure every strategy is more effective than the last.

90-Day Guarantee

Most SEO agencies shy away from promises of results, but that’s not Fortress. We guarantee you will see at least a 50% improvement in search rankings in the first 90 days. If you don’t, we’ll provide a complete refund – no questions asked.

No Long Term Contracts

We operate on month-to-month contracts – no big commitments. You can work with us as much (or as little) as you want.
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Are We the Right SEO Agency for You?

Fortress is not a humdrum 3rd party vendor you only hear from once in a blue moon. SEO is a service that requires a smart, consistent effort. When you work with us, we operate like your in-house SEO team – but it’s a two-way road.

What makes a Fortress partnership work?



Good communication and responsiveness are cornerstones of our service – and we expect the same from our clients. If meetings are regularly getting pushed, no-showed, or we can’t get responses, it’s not going to work.



SEO is our sole focus – and we’re dedicated to doing it exceptionally well. We want to partner with clients who are as passionate about their craft as we are about search engine optimization.



We are proven SEO gurus with nearly two decades of experience and positive results – that’s why companies hire us. If there is a shred of doubt that we have your best interests in mind, our partnership will not be fruitful.

Let’s talk about your SEO.