One Time SEO Packages







Website analysis
Services Promoted (up to)3510Custom
Keywords Promoted (up to)121540Custom
Keyword tracking
Competition comparison
Reporting90 Days90 Days90 DaysCustom
Conversion optimization
Dedicated strategist
Strategic analysis
SupportEmailEmailEmailEmail and virtual meetings
Blocked by robots.txt
Blocked by noindex
Blocked by nofollow
Blocked by X-Robots-Tag
Image errors
Internal links to redirects
Internal links to errors
XML sitemap missing
URL too long
XML sitemap not found in robots.txt file
Robots.txt file not found
Canonical chain
WWW redirect
Pages with errors in XML sitemap
Redirects in XML sitemap
External links to redirects
External links to errors
XML sitemap size
Non-canonical pages in XML sitemap
Noindex pages in XML sitemap
Frame is used
Timed out pages
Multiple rel=”canonical”
Double slash
Trailing slashes
HTTP status codes
Canonical URL with redirects
Canonical URL with errors
JavaScript file redirects
JavaScript file errors
CSS file redirects
CSS file errors
External JavaScript and CSS files with errors
On-page Elements
Service pages optimized (up to)3510up to 100
Duplicate page titles
Multiple title tags
Title tag missing
Title length
Description missing
Duplicate description
Multiple description tags
Description length
H1 tag missing
H1 tag empty
H1 tag length
Multiple H1 tags
Duplicate H1
Identical Title and H1 tags
H2 tag missing
H2 tag empty
H2 tag length
Alt text
Nofollow internal links
External links timed out
Social card tag missing
Duplicate page content
Low word count
Google Business Profile Elements
Name Check
Phone Check
Address Check
Category Check
Service Optimization
Social Media Links Check
Description Optimization
Image Check
Hours Check
Service Areas Check
Off-Site Elements
Link buildingSmallMediumLargeExtensive, ongoing
Local Directories (Citations)100140140Advanced
Social Media Profiles80180180
Link BoostingBasicBasicAdvanced
Social Signals150150
Crowd Links10
Secret Sauce LinksBasicBasicAdvanced
Technical SEO Elements
Favicon missing
Flash is used
Image size
HTML size
Slow page loading speed
Uncompressed content
Redirect chain
Redirect loop
Redirect to errors
Meta refresh redirect
Invalid language code
Confirmation (return) links missing on hreflang pages
Multiple language codes for one page
Language duplicates in hreflang
HTML lang missing
X-default hreflang attribute missing
JavaScript compression
JavaScript cache
JavaScript size
Number of JavaScript files
JavaScript minified
CSS size
CSS compression
CSS cache
Number of CSS files
CSS minified
Viewport meta tag missing
Fixed width value in viewport meta tag
Use of incompatible plugins
Minimum text to HTML ratio
Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
Interaction to Next Paint (INP)
First Input Delay (FID)
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
First Contentful Paint (FCP)
Speed Index
Time to Interactive (TTI)
Total Blocking Time (TBT)
Website Security
Security certificate expiration
Security protocols
Certificate name
Security encryption
HTTP in XML sitemap
HTTPS to HTTP redirects
Mixed content (HTTPS and HTTP)

Benefits of a One Time SEO Package

Our one-time SEO packages offer numerous benefits for your business. These comprehensive strategies utilize off-page techniques like backlink building and site authority enhancement to significantly improve your search engine rankings. As a result, your business gains greater online visibility and becomes more easily discoverable by both search engines and potential customers.

Not only does employing on of our one-time SEO packages increase online presence, but it also has the potential to generate 55% organic traffic growth within the first year alone. This boost in website visitors not only helps with improving your digital footprint, but it can also positively impact your overall profitability. And in addition to their effectiveness, these affordable packages make them an ideal solution for our small businesses clients operating on limited budgets.

Who Are One Time SEO Packages For?

Our one-time SEO packages are not limited to a particular industry and cater to businesses of all sizes. They include a suite of tailored strategies, including in-depth keyword discovery, on-page SEO refinement, local map optimization, and authoritative link outreach. The objective is to escalate your website’s ranking in search engine results, increase the influx of organic traffic, and enhance the rate of customer conversions.

Industries that have seen success with our one-time SEO packages

Our one-time SEO packages are have been successfully used by various industries such as orthodontics, personal injury attorneys, architects and accountants. We are confident in the effectiveness of our one-time SEO packages no matter what industry or sector your business is a part of.

For instance, after implementing our one-time SEO package, one of our orthodontist clients saw an increase in patient appointments while another client, a personal injury attorney, experienced more case inquiries.

The success seen by professionals from these diverse fields serves as evidence that our tailored one-time SEO packages can greatly benefit any industry.

They offer the flexibility required to meet the specific needs of your business and enable you to achieve better results in the ever-evolving online world.

  • SEO for Personal Injury Attorney
  • SEO for Orthodontists
  • SEO for Family Lawyers
  • SEO for Manufacturing
  • SEO for Recruiting
  • SEO for Architects
  • SEO for Wedding Photographers
  • SEO for Financial Advisors
  • SEO for Veterinarian
  • SEO for Accountants
  • SEO for Plastic Surgeons
  • SEO for Locksmiths
  • SEO for Auto Repair
  • SEO for Painters
  • SEO for Electricians
  • SEO for Dentists
  • SEO for Jewellers
  • SEO for Construction Companies
  • SEO Insurance Agencies
  • SEO for Restaurants
  • SEO for HVAC Contractors
  • SEO for Insurance Brokers
  • SEO for Plumbers
  • SEO for Franchises
  • SEO for Drug Rehab

Individual SEO Services

We’ll take an exhaustive dive into your web assets. This includes an on-site, off-site, and technical diagnostic – as well as developing an action plan to start improving your results.

Our experts will look into your website’s coding, images, content, and metadata to make adjustments for SEO-friendliness.

Fortress’s off-page SEO specialists will analyze your backlinks, reviews, citations, and any other asset outside of your website that contributes to SEO. Based on our findings, we’ll clean up your backlink profile and make any other necessary tweaks.

This task involves setting you up for success in your geographic location via search – including Google My Business updates, local keyword optimization, and so on.

If your search rankings and traffic numbers took a nasty hit, we’ll figure out why. Our analysts will investigate the facts and measure them against our knowledge of the latest Google updates – then pinpoint the best recovery solution.

Fortress is here to provide expert assistance for a big SEO project to help you make the strongest impact.

Why Choose a Reputable SEO Company?

Enlisting the services of Fortress SEO can have a significant impact on your SEO efforts. Our team at Fortress is adept at understanding webmaster guidelines and creating original, relevant, and high-quality content for your website. We also excel in optimizing page titles and meta descriptions to enhance search visibility.

At Fortress, we not only implement ethical practices that lead to long-term improvements in search performance, but also help you save time, money, and resources. We prioritize building strong backlinks while delivering exceptional services. We also recognize the importance of quality backlinks in boosting overall website ranking.

One of the main advantages of opting for a one-time SEO package is its immediate impact on your business. By focusing on optimizing website elements and implementing effective strategies specifically designed to yield quick results, you can see rapid improvements in search engine rankings.

These enhancements not only lead to increased online visibility, but also result in higher organic traffic directed towards your site. And the benefits do not end there. This initial effort has a long-lasting influence and when coupled with appropriate investments, serves as a foundation for significant long-term growth and success for your business.

For small businesses, investing in one of our one-time SEO packages can result in long-term cost savings. These packages have the ability to increase website visibility, attract organic traffic and improve brand awareness, which ultimately leads to higher conversion rates and sales for you. Compared to hiring a full-time SEO specialist, these benefits come at a significantly lower cost.

Another benefit of these packages are the set prices. We offer packages of different sizes, working with you to determine what best fits your needs. Our packages range from $750-$3,000. Because it’s a one-time fee, opting for a one-time SEO package remains an invaluable investment for your small business growth.

While the initial benefits of a one-time SEO package are alluring, the true value lies in our ability as your Fortress team to provide long-term advantages. Our approach to SEO not only yields immediate results, but also lays the groundwork for future endeavors and successes.

For example, maintaining website performance with respect to SEO involves regularly evaluating and updating goals, adapting to ever-changing algorithms, and prioritizing quality content and keyword strategies. These methods are crucial in ensuring consistent success of your website over time. Our one-time SEO package goes beyond just short-term gains by establishing strong fundamentals for sustained improvement and success.

Local SEO is a crucial aspect of our one-time SEO packages as it helps businesses target their specific service areas and attract local customers through the use of localized keywords. By optimizing website content for local search results, you can establish a strong online presence with the help of our Fortress SEO specialists.

Typically, results from utilizing one of our one-time SEO packages are noticeable within 4-6 months. This time frame takes into account the process in which search engines crawl and index any changes made during our optimizations before improvements in rankings and web traffic become apparent as desired outcomes.

One Time SEO vs. Ongoing SEO Management

Although one-time SEO packages can establish a strong foundation for future SEO endeavors, they should not be seen as a single solution. If you are seeking to maintain and improve your online presence over time, ongoing management of SEO is crucial.

While implementing one-time SEO may deliver initial outcomes, continuous success requires consistent adjustments to adapt to changing algorithms and stay ahead of competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking to continue to enhance your online presence and search engine rankings effectively, speak to your Fortress team member to figure out the best-fitting solution for continued SEO efforts. Generally, we recommended to opt for monthly SEO services that include our consistent communication, thorough reporting, and strategic action plans.

Keep investing in regular SEO efforts to continue to see continuous improvement in your website’s performance.

Our one-time SEO packages aim to deliver rapid improvements in search rankings. We want to note, though, that sustained results call for continuous efforts in SEO. While our one-time SEO service packages will provide immediate benefits, ongoing investment in optimizing your website may be crucial for long-term success and continued improvement of search rankings.

Our one time SEO packages are effective for businesses of any size and in all different fields. They offer a strong starting point to enhance online presence and attract potential customers.

One-time Search Engine Optimization packages and ongoing SEO management differ in that one-time focuses on the initial optimization of a website and has a focus on local SEO as well, while continuous monitoring and maintenance is necessary for sustained rankings. Ongoing SEO is just that- it involves consistent efforts to maintain website rankings.