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Start getting results in SEO – without a long-term

We help growing businesses that need some extra help
with SEO tasks, but may not need ongoing support.

Let’s get the ball rolling in the right direction.

One-Time SEO vs. Monthly SEO

SEO is a long-game digital marketing tactic – but there are plenty of one-off tasks that will set you up for success.

Why Invest in One-Time SEO?

You’re building a new website.

A beautiful new website won’t do much if no one can find it online. An SEO expert will make sure all the front and back-end components are properly set up for search engines.

Your website hasn’t been optimized in a while.

Websites will become obsolete faster than you think. A one-time tune-up every couple of years is essential to sustain your search rankings.

Your search rankings & web traffic took a massive hit.

Google updates its algorithms every day. A sudden, unexplained drop in traffic and rankings is a sign you broke the rules. A one-time SEO audit will get to the bottom of it – and find a solution.

You’re a new business on a shoestring budget.

Every business needs SEO – but not everyone can commit to ongoing services. One-time SEO support can take care of mission-critical tasks to get you on track.

Why Invest in One-Time SEO?

You don’t have the in-house bandwidth to manage SEO.

Your company relies on organic traffic, but lacks the time and know-how to make it work. Turning SEO over to the pros is the best solution in these cases.

You’re looking for a long-term investment in your future.

Sustainable, profitable results in SEO take time, expertise, and consistency. If SEO is a main ingredient of your marketing mix, managed support is your best option.

You want to increase brand credibility.

The end goal of every SEO campaign is to position your company as THE expert – and it’s not a one-off task. Dominating your niche takes a team to regularly produce thought-leadership content and promote it to the world.

You need a proactive approach to SEO.

Search trends evolve by the hour. Staying ahead of the curve in SEO is a game of research and vigilance – and making the right moves on a day-to-day basis.

Our One-Time SEO Services

SEO Audit

We’ll take an exhaustive dive into your web assets. This includes an on-site, off-site, and technical diagnostic – as well as developing an action plan to start improving your results.

On-Page Optimization

Our experts will look into your website’s coding, images, content, and metadata to make adjustments for SEO-friendliness.

Off-Page Optimization

Fortress’s off-page SEO specialists will analyze your backlinks, reviews, citations, and any other asset outside of your website that contributes to SEO. Based on our findings, we’ll clean up your backlink profile and make any other necessary tweaks.

Local SEO Optimization

This task involves setting you up for success in your geographic location via search – including Google My Business updates, local keyword optimization, and so on.

Penalty Recovery

If your search rankings and traffic numbers took a nasty hit, we’ll figure out why. Our analysts will investigate the facts and measure them against our knowledge of the latest Google updates – then pinpoint the best recovery solution.

Project Support

Fortress is here to provide expert assistance for a big SEO project to help you make the strongest impact.
Our One-Time SEO

How We Do It



The first order of business is a consultation to understand your immediate SEO needs – and provide some one-time options.



We’ll map out a game plan to hit your goals with one-off SEO tasks. This involves a rundown of the challenges, our approach to solving these challenges, and the projected results.



Fortress will put the plan in motion to get your SEO trending on the path to better rankings.


Leave the Door Open

If you need any ongoing support after a one-off task, we are always available to discuss an ongoing SEO plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is one-time SEO?

One-time SEO refers to a task or collection of tasks to get businesses set up for search engines. This might involve a run-through of a new website to make small adjustments, an analysis of a backlink profile, or optimizing a content asset.
These tasks are carried out over a few days or weeks – and do not require a recurring payment.

Is SEO a “one-time” job?

Just like working out in a gym, seeing noticeable results in SEO takes time, commitment, and consistency.
However, there are plenty of one-time jobs that can set you up for SEO success. For example, setting up your Google My Business profile, optimizing your website for keywords, and eliminating spammy backlinks are all one-off tasks that will improve your SEO.

What scenarios would one-time SEO be ideal?

There are many scenarios where one-time SEO is a smart choice. Some of the major ones would include:
- You need to optimize a new website for SEO.
- You’ve got a team to fulfill SEO tasks, but need a professional audit + plan to guide them.
- You need to update an outdated website.
- Your backlink profile needs to be cleaned up.
- You need some fresh keyword research for a content strategy.
These are just a handful of the most common scenarios for one-time SEO.

Will one-time SEO services get me to rank on page one of Google?

A one-time SEO task will probably not be enough to earn page-one rankings on Google’s SERPs – but it will help to get you trending in the right direction.

Is off-page SEO better than on-page SEO?

Both on-page and off-page SEO work together to improve your search presence.

Should I prioritize on-page or off-page tasks with one-time SEO?

We recommend starting with your on-page SEO. Once your own web properties are geared for search, you can focus on off-page assets.

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