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Fully Managed

We help companies increase web traffic and turn page visits
into revenue with complete, done-for-you SEO strategies.

Let’s talk about boosting your results in SEO.

Why Hand SEO Management Over to the Pros?

The decision to outsource SEO is something every business owner will face
– and it shouldn’t be made lightly. Here’s the reality of it:

SEO is a Full-Time Job

SEO isn’t a backburner task for a free afternoon or weekend. Revenue-driving results in SEO take research, calculated tactics, and most importantly, consistency. If you can’t carve out serious time for SEO every day, you’re fighting a losing battle.


Search Engines Are Constantly Changing

Google’s search ranking algorithms are famously mysterious – and the rules quietly change on a near-daily basis. Partnering with an SEO professional means your website stays up-to-date with the shifts and keeps pace with the latest tactics.


Maximize Your Online Reach

If you’re not 100% invested in SEO, you’ll struggle to expand your presence. Managed SEO experts are solely dedicated to boosting your search rankings – so you can focus on running your business.

Our Fully-Managed
SEO Service

On-Page Content Optimization

You won’t get many visitors to take action with subpar website content – and that’s the end goal of every SEO strategy. We’ll make sure every word on your website is fine-tuned for both Google’s bots and your target customers.

Technical Optimization

Technical SEO can look and sound like a foreign language to the untrained eye. Our experts pull out the magnifying glass and fine-tune each backend component of your website to get on Google’s good side.

Conversion Rate Optimization

A low conversion rate usually points to two problems: you’re attracting the wrong visitors and/or your website isn’t providing good information. Our managed SEO experts will get to the root of it and develop a plan to turn things around.

Content Creation

No SEO campaign will succeed without rock-solid website content. Our seasoned copywriters bridge the gap between SEO-friendly writing – and wordsmithing a distinct, authoritative brand identity.

Link Building

Building links to your website is like getting endorsements – and it’s not a numbers game. Our managed SEO team works to find the most credible links so each “endorsement” packs a strong punch.
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What You Get with Fully-Managed SEO at Fortress

Cutting-Edge SEO Strategies

SEO is the ONLY thing we do at Fortress – we spend our workdays analyzing search trends and developing tactics that are far beyond the industry’s curve.

Dedicated Account Manager

When you partner with us, you have a single point of contact – no juggling different account managers, getting the run-around, or playing who’s who.

Quick Replies

We respond to all inquiries within one business day – or less.

Transparent Reporting

We monitor your SEO campaign like a hawk day by day, hour by hour. All results are presented in an easy-to-interpret report detailing all progress, changes, and tactics.

How Our Fully-Managed SEO Process Works


Our team performs a discovery analysis.

Step one is to examine all your on and offsite web assets to see what we’re working with – and understand the next steps.


We’ll find the best SEO strategies to improve your results.

Our experts map out the most ideal game plan based on our discovery to improve your status quo, start earning better search rankings, and convert more customers.


Fortress will match you with the right monthly pricing plan.

Taking your budget into account, we’ll figure out the perfect fully managed SEO plan to get the results you need – no hidden fees buried in fine print, sneaky upsells, or any other shadiness.


The Fortress team gets to work!

We waste no time in getting your website in line with SEO best practices. Our technical analysts, strategists, and copywriters take off at a full sprint – keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does fully managed SEO mean?

Hiring fully managed SEO services means you’ve got an entire team of experts dedicated to improving your search results. This involves technical analysts, strategists, on-page SEO experts, off-page specialists, writers, and so on.

Essentially, full managed SEO means all your SEO tasks are in the hands of professionals. All you need to do is focus on handling a sharp uptick in traffic and leads.

What are the three main types of SEO?

The three pillars of SEO are on-page, off-page, and technical.

On-page SEO deals more with the customer-facing elements of your website, including content, headlines, meta titles, imagery, and page flow. On-page specialists will make sure your site content is properly written to include keywords naturally and that the pages are properly set up for Google’s bots and visitors.

Off-page SEO involves strategies that promote your website through 3rd party sources – such as links from other websites, citations, reviews, and so on.

Technical SEO refers to optimizations within the server and your website to help Google’s crawlers index your site more efficiently.

Google’s crawlers measure your website to understand what you do and the value you provide. They do not like websites that make their job difficult. Technical SEO experts will make sure your website is properly structured to make life easy for the bots – which benefits your rankings.

What SEO tools do you use?

1-2 lines answering this question.

How long has Fortress been practicing SEO?

The Fortress team has been in the SEO world since 2008. We’ve lived through numerous game-changing Google algorithm changes – including the infamous Penguin and Panda updates. You can rest assured we’ve seen it all. We know what works in SEO, what doesn’t, and how to apply the best practices to every business model.

When do fully-managed SEO plans start?

Once you sign off on the fully managed SEO plan and pricing, we’ll get to work immediately.

How much do fully managed SEO plans cost?

We don’t operate with boiler-plate SEO plans at Fortress. Every business is different – and each fully managed SEO strategy begins with a blank canvas. We’ll examine your website and other online assets to determine YOUR best approach to start earning better rankings, then provide a price point accordingly.

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