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Let’s bridge the gap between product searches and revenue.

We help online stores attract interested shoppers – and
turn their visits into sales. Start moving more products
with sustainable eCommerce SEO.

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Why Online Stores Need eCommerce SEO

Getting your products in front of buyers doesn’t have to drain your bank account.

Attract the Right Customers

All the website traffic in the world won’t do you any good if no one is clicking
“buy”. eCommerce SEO pinpoints your best customers – and fine-tunes your
online store to appeal to them.

Stop Relying on Paid Ads

Shopping ads aren’t cheap – and the costs add up fast. eCommerce SEO is
a long-game strategy that takes the reliance off paid advertising – and
generates free traffic.

Establish Your Store’s Reputation

The goal of eCommerce SEO is to position your online store as an authority –
like Amazon and eBay – to build brand loyalty around your site’s best features.

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Our eCommerce
SEO Services

eCommerce Keyword Research & Optimization

Our eCommerce SEO experts will identify your most valuable informational + transactional keywords – and update your online store to attract interested buyers.

Off-Page SEO

Fortress’s off-site eCommerce SEO specialists will manage your backlink profile, help you generate online reviews, create citations, and more to add continuous credibility to your website.

On-Page SEO

We’ll optimize everything from your title tags, website content, structured data, coding, and everything in between to set your online store up for success.

Technical SEO

We’ll analyze each element of your website’s backend to make sure your online store is properly indexed and set up for an excellent user experience.

Product Page Content

Product pages are the backbone of your SEO efforts. Our specialized eCommerce copywriters will craft your pages to give buyers everything they need to click “buy”.

eCommerce SEO Blogging

We use calculated SEO blogging practices to gain visibility for your best informational keywords and build trust on the web.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our analysts will get to the root of your high bounce rates and low conversions – and turn those lost visitors into sales.
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Talk to an eCommerce SEO Expert

Let’s start boosting your sales numbers.

How We’ll Improve Your eCommerce SEO

Examine Your Online Store

We’ll analyze every corner of your website to find the strengths, weigh the shortcomings, and figure out how we can start attracting more buyers.

Map Out Your Store’s SEO Journey

Using our findings, our eCommerce SEO specialists will develop a top-to-bottom roadmap to boost your search presence – and present the game plan to you in an easy-to-understand format.

Optimize Your eCommerce Website

Phase one of every Fortress eCommerce SEO plan is to gear your online store’s on-page, off-page, and technical components for search – keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

Track the Results + Make Continuous Improvements

All eCommerce sites are a work in progress – even giant marketplaces like Amazon. We monitor your SEO data under a magnifying glass to make constant upgrades for more conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is SEO important for eCommerce?

A strong eCommerce SEO strategy works to attract more visitors to your website and turn them into buyers. SEO is the practice of optimizing an online store’s web properties through keyword optimization, link building, content creation, technical improvements, and more to drive qualified traffic – without having to rely on paid advertising.

Why is eCommerce SEO difficult?

eCommerce SEO is difficult for many reasons. For one, competition for product-related keywords is very competitive. Secondly, most online retailers offer similar products as other websites – and commonly run into issues with duplicate content. Third, SEO and CRO (conversion rate optimization) must work very closely together to justify the costs.

eCommerce SEO is a highly-specialized niche that requires technical experts, copywriters, and data analysts to keep traffic and sales trending in the right direction.

What are the key signs my eCommerce site needs SEO support?

There are many reasons why your online store may need SEO support. The most glaring signs usually come down to traffic versus conversions. If your website is getting lots of traffic, but low conversions, you are likely attracting the wrong buyers. In this situation, you would need an eCommerce SEO expert to examine your traffic sources, keywords, linking profiles, and more to determine the necessary adjustments.

Another big sign is how much you rely on paid advertising. If the majority of your web traffic is coming from paid ads, you may need to consider an SEO plan – as this can reduce your overhead costs and reliance on paid ads in the long run.

What are the most important eCommerce SEO elements?

The most important eCommerce SEO elements include (but are not limited to):

  • Keyword research around informational and transactional search terms.

  • Product page optimization

  • User-friendly site navigation

  • Simplified URL structures

  • Internal linking

  • Backlinks

  • Conversion rate optimization

Every eCommerce site is different. An SEO expert will determine what your top priorities are – and the next steps to improve organic rankings.

How does eCommerce search work?

eCommerce SEO is about identifying how your target customers shop online – and developing a strategy to boost visibility around certain keywords. To accomplish this, an eCommerce SEO team will need to optimize every aspect of your website to ensure customers (and Google’s robots) understand exactly what your website is, who it’s for, and why your site is better than the competition.

Do you offer Shopify eCommerce SEO support?

Yes! Shopify eCommerce SEO is one of our specialties at Fortress. Our dedicated team will work closely within your site’s backend to make sure it’s up to speed for SEO. This involves enhancing the customer experience, optimizing your content and product pages, and tracking your conversion rates to make ongoing improvements.

No matter what type of Shopify store you run, we’ll make sure it’s set up properly and follows eCommerce SEO best practices.

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